“Samopomich” demands to explain how the non-gasified homes will be charged for heating

Will the prolonged heating season affect the pockets of the residents the non-gasified homes? The “Samopomich” deputies require an answer to this question. A corresponding request has been sent by Deputy Chairman of the Committee on Construction, Urban Development, Housing and Communal Services Aliona Babak.

“It is up to the local authorities to determine the period of heat delivery to apartment buildings. And the government’s decision to prolong the heating season for a month can have a negative impact on the budget of the apartment owners, who are not connected to the gas network and pay for heating separately,” – she said.

The deputy notes that the intention to reduce the financial burden on users of gas heating is clear, but the question how the other categories are going to pay for gas – requires clarification.

“If the government’s decision to prolong the heating season from October 1 till April 30 adversely affects the establishment of fees for heating, we will insist on its revision,” – she said.

Alona Babak
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