Strategic state company “Ukrenergo” is being destroyed by Russian oligarchs – “Samopomich”

While Ukraine is constraining Russian military aggression, Russian oligarchs are getting control over strategic sectors of the economy. This was reported by MP of the “Samopomich” faction Lev Pidlisetskyi.

According to him, in the state company “Ukrenergo”, which is responsible for the operation of all backbone and international power lines, there is a large-scale change of personnel at all levels, and tenders are being blocked.

“In “Ukrenergo” the controlling oligarch has been changed, there came Grigorishin, a Russian citizen, who for many years has been a sponsor of the Ukrainian Communist Party. In recent months, the company has laid off a lot of professionals with high reputation. In contrast, were appointed the people who have no adequate experience and whose previous places of employment were the structures associated with Mr. Grigorishin: Vinnytsiaoblenergo, Sumyoblenergo, Chernihivoblenergo,” said Pidlisetskyi.

In particular, despite the fact that the coalition agreement defines that its purpose is unification with the European energy system, a person who for last 5 years had been working with all the European institutions was dismissed.

In this regard, the “Samopomich” faction considers it necessary to conduct an investigation regarding the new appointments as for their transparency and the new employees’ compliance with professional and qualification requirements needed for each separate positions, and as for their having any criminal loop from previous jobs.

Moreover, the members of the faction are concerned that a large number of tenders of “Ukrenergo” are canceled without any grounds, or because of questionable reasons.

“We urge the government and law enforcement agencies to investigate the objective basis for the postponement of tenders; recognition of them as those not having taken place; failures to sign contracts with the winning bidders, as well as for the disruption of the so-called Order №1 implementation – a list of works to be done throughout the year to ensure reliable operation of the system,” said the MP.

“Samopomich” does not exclude the possibility that all these actions in “Ukrenergo” are aimed at the destruction of the electric-power industry market, which is a system with a great number of nuclear power plants, Europe’s largest hydroelectric power plant and great export potential.

Lev Pidlisetskyj
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