“Samopomich” supported the civil service law

Today, in the second reading the Parliament adopted the law on civil service (№2490) which introduces new principles of civil service and is intended to make it more transparent. In particular, the law distinguishes between public and political office, introduces the system of appointments by completion to all the civil service positions, and limits the term of office of officials.

“The faction supported the law on civil service, the main novelty of which is a competitive selection process for all civil servants. We had a very serious struggle with the Cabinet for this regulation, because the Cabinet wanted to leave some positions to the discretion of the ministers,” said the Chairman of the “Samopomich” Union faction, Oleh Bereziuk. “Another thing is depoliticization of civil servants and elimination of direct political influence on them. We have also defended the status of the state language in the public service sphere,” said the parliamentarian.

Among other things, the law provides for a significant reduction in the number of civil servants, while their salaries are going to be raised. Appointments to positions will be carried out based on the results of selection through the institution of state secretaries or by special contest committees.

It is expected that the law will help make the public service more efficient and quality over the next few years.


Oleh Berezyuk
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