“Samopomich” published the text of the legal claim on election fraud in Kryvyi Rih

Today, November 20, at 10 am in the Dnipropetrovsk District Administrative Court (4 Akademika Yanhelia Str.) an adjudication of a claim filed by the candidate from “Samopomich”, Yuriy Myloboh, against the TEC of Kryvyi Rih started.

“Samopomich” Union lawyers consider it necessary to provide the public with an opportunity to familiarize with the main text of the claim.

The text of the claim.

The claim will be also accompanied by the documents and petitions – about 300 pages which contain information about the numerous violations of law in establishing the results of the elections of mayor in Kryvyi Rih.

“Samopomich” lawyers believe that the case should be resolved exclusively by court since there is no trust in the current composition of the CEC which has repeatedly discredited itself.

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