“Samopomich” officially addressed Hroisman with proposals to reduce tariffs

“Samopomich” has officially addressed Prime Minister Hroisman in the perspective of carrying out a critical analysis of the situation in order to neutralize the tariff crisis and to prevent destabilization in the country.

“Samopomich” has provided key proposals: reducing the price of gas to 40% in the heating season 2016-2017; monetization of subsidies for implementation of an energy efficiency program; co-financing of the energy efficiency program in homes in the proportion of 30% from the state budget and 70% at the expense of local budgets and residents.

“Samopomich” also requests financial documents, in particular the financial plan or draft plan of Naftogaz for 2016, Naftogaz draft financial plan for 2017, the annual balance of income and distribution of gas for 2015 and the forecast of such balance for 2016, a statistically-based economic calculation of the tariff increase effects.

“The increase in tariffs for housing and communal services, in particular for gas supply, will have a catastrophic impact on the living standards and living conditions of the majority of the population. Obviously there is an imbalance between incomes and essential expenditure of the majority of Ukrainians (minimum living wage as of May makes up 2,615 hryvnias, while the median income is 2,317 hryvnias). In the first quarter of 2016, Ukrainians have spent 99.7% of their income on the purchase of goods and services: people simply do not have the resources for savings – including investing in energy efficiency,” said people’s deputy from the “Samopomich” Union, Aliona Babak.

Alona Babak
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