It is small business that will be paying for the government tax reform – Ostrikova

“Samopomich” Union will not support the tax reform in its present version, because it does not take into account the comments of the parliamentary committee and the faction, and harms small businesses. This was stated by a member of the “Samopomich” Union faction, a member of the Committee on Taxation and Customs Policy, Tetiana Ostrikova.

“Samopomich” has always stated we will defend the interests of small businesses, of the entities of the simplified system, will protect the balance of city budgets from the intrusion of the central budget, the Ministry of Finance, and the manual mode management,” said the deputy.

Among the major shortcomings of the government’s draft tax reform, according to Ostrikova, there are VAT administration, reform of the tax police and increased tax burden on small business.

“As for the VAT administration the intentions of the government seem to coincide with the intentions of deputies – establishment of transparency of VAT refund, elimination of corruption schemes of the fiscal service. But the regulation on confirmation of the requests for compensation filed to the public register of the fiscal service opens up opportunities for corruption schemes,” explained the MP.

“Financial Investigation Service was supposed to be a demilitarized, purely analytical structure formed by analogy with the National Anti-Corruption Bureau. Instead the tax police remain unchanged retaining all the functions of tax control,” she added.

The MP also addressed the entrepreneurs of the simplified system.

“You are the most active layer of democratic society; you were at Maidan and brought us to power. I ask to read carefully the document offered by the Ministry of Finance. Because, if you are now paying 3,000 UAH of single tax with an annual turnover of 500 thousand UAH, you are going to pay 13,500 UAH, which is almost 5 times more. Please, read this document carefully and express your civic position,” urged Tetiana Ostrikova.

Tetyana Ostrikova
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