“Samopomich” will not unite with any other political forces on the eve of local elections

“Samopomich” categorically denies any possible merger with other political forces on the eve of local elections. This was stated by the leader of the parliamentary faction of the “Samopomich” Union, Oleh Bereziuk, on air of Espreso TV channel.

“Every political force, of whichever orientation, should go to the polls on its own and prove its political usefulness. Unfortunately, most of the parties don’t do so and this is, in fact, a national betrayal of the construction of the country’s new political system,” said Bereziuk.

“Samopomich” is a political party of a right-of-centre orientation, a party with its principles, its history. We go to the polls and offer this to the voter. It doesn’t really matter whether we get ten mayors in the country or one, whether we get 15 percent or 10. What matters is the development of a political institution that will develop the society. The existence of the state is impossible without this,” emphasized the deputy.

Oleh Bereziuk calls the political associations that occur today – “pseudo- associations” whose aim is to gain power by any means. While the question – what for do they want to get the power – remains unanswered.

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