“Samopomich” will not vote for the budget that destroys local government

The “Samopomich” Union faction will not support the draft budget from the government in its current version. This was stated by the Chairman of the faction, Oleh Bereziuk.

“What the government has proposed today does not hold water. To give just one example: the level of funding provisioned for local communities today is equal to the 2013 level while the area of ​​their responsibilities has significantly expanded. This is a deception of citizens living in cities and villages,” said the parliamentarian.

“The subsidies for medicine diminish. The level of subsidies for education remains at the same level as last year, though local governments have much more responsibilities now: colleges, schools, technical schools are now in the subordination of cities. However, the resources that should be spent on their maintenance remain in the central government. Therefore, the foundation for the development of this country – the local government – is practically being destroyed. We cannot vote for such a document,” said the Chairman of the faction.

“As a result of abolition of the single tax there will be the lack of  local budgets revenues,” said MP, the Deputy Chairman of the Committee on Financial Policy, Oleh Lavryk.

“The government believes that it will be possible to compensate these gaps by increasing the tax rate on personal income. However, according to experts, such compensation can provide only for a part of those short received payments. In addition, redistribution of incomes from the single tax, which is a local tax, between the municipal, regional and state budgets is a direct violation of the Constitution,” he explained.

Oleh BerezyukOleh Lavryk
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