“Samopomich” insists on the adoption of a new electoral law

Elections to local councils should be held under the new law, which will introduce open lists of the political parties and the election of mayors in two rounds. This was stated by Deputy Chairman of the “Samopomich” Union faction Oleh Lavryk.

“In that case the interests of the communities in the local government will be represented by those people whom the citizens really know and trust. And there will be no mayors elected by minority,” he said.

At the level of villages, districts and towns “Samopomich” proposes to introduce a multi-member majority system. For the regional centers and cities in which more than 90 thousand voters live, it is necessary to apply a new for Ukraine system of proportional open lists. Such a system is functional in most European countries, and it accurately reflects the electoral attitudes of communities.

At the moment the working group is completing its work, and the new draft law “On Local Elections” by the coalition factions can be submitted to the parliament next week.

Another requirement of “Samopomich” to the new law is a significant decrease in the number of deputies at local councils.

“Everyone agrees on the need to significantly improve the electoral law by adopting a new law, however, it is unknown as yet if the political will of the other factions in full force will support such changes,” stated Oleh Lavryk.

According to the deputy, the worst scenario is for the whole electoral reform to experience just the superficial changes to the current law on local elections.

“This will lead to the possibility of a revenge of the old regime and won’t allow holding a transparent election,” said Oleh Lavryk.

Oleh Lavryk
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