Samopomich insists on immediate cessation of arbitrariness of law enforcement agencies during searches

For over than three months the Verkhovna Rada has been impeding the law that could once and for all stop the arbitrariness during searches. This was announced by MP from the “Samopomich Union” faction, Roman Semenukha.

The recent wave of raids conducted by law enforcement agencies has hit IT companies. It is reported that the Security Service officials have been indiscriminately seizing equipment allegedly for information, in fact, with the aim of blocking business in order to obtain compensation for return of the seized property. Unfortunately, almost every owner of any business has faced such arbitrariness.

“How to put an end to seizure of equipment from businesses during searches? By lifting a finger and considering in the Verkhovna Rada the already elaborated and registered bill №3719, which for more than three months has been deliberately prevented from being reviewed in the relevant committee. Adoption of this law would once and for all put an end to that “rampage” taking place during searches,” said MP Semenukha.

Back on 24th December 2015 “Samopomich” deputies, Oleksandr Danchenko, Roman Semenukha and Yaroslav Markevych, together with their colleagues registered the bill which would stop the arbitrariness during searches (№3719 «On amendments to the Criminal Procedural Code of Ukraine concerning separate issues of investigative actions in order to provide additional guarantees during their conducting”).

Adoption of this law would reduce the number of searches that do not aim to actually investigate crimes; would do away with the cases of unjustified involvement of special forces; would stop the practice of unjustified refusal to admit lawyers during the searches.

However, after more than a three-month delay, the bill has not yet been considered by the relevant committee and the conclusions to it have not been drawn up.

Today the deputies appealed to the Speaker with the requirement to include the bill into the agenda and voiced this demand at a meeting of the Coordination Board.

Roman Semenuha


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