“Samopomich” recalled the preconditions for the Coalition recovery

It is possible to restore the Coalition, though under certain conditions – the “Samopomich” members believe.

The necessary conditions for a constructive work were announced by the Chairman of the faction, Oleh Bereziuk, during the parliamentary conciliatory board.

“We won’t leave the Coalition if the structure and the set-up of the parliamentary meetings are perfectly supported. And if there is no consensus, the bill can’t be introduced in the parliamentary hall altogether. We won’t leave the Coalition if there are changes in the personnel policy of the Prosecutor General’s Office which is a non-existent body, in the General Staff, in the Ministry of Defence. We won’t leave the Coalition if there are personnel changes in the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Tax Police is eliminated,” said Bereziuk.

Also, he notes it is high time the judiciary were replaced.

“If desired, there are no difficulties for the state to substitute 300 judges of the higher courts of appeal in Kyiv – this just should be done,” he stressed.

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