“Samopomich” initiates the National Program on Road Traffic Safety

Deputy of the “Samopomich” Union faction Ihor Didenko has activated the work on road safety in Ukraine. On his initiative, for the first time in the Committee on Transport a subcommittee on traffic safety was created.

Over the past few months, the subcommittee held a series of meetings and roundtables with the public, experts, representatives of the authorities. Following the meetings the subcommittee initiates the creation of the National Agency for Road Safety, which will be the main coordinating body in the country to monitor the implementation of the national road safety.

According to Didenko, it is important for this agency not to become one more body of the corruption structure, as some concerned parties have been trying and are still trying to do. The agency is intended to coordinate all the state authorities, to control the implementation of the tasks set for the latter, to attract and control funding. It must be supervised by professionals, representatives of state bodies, public and voluntary organizations, consultants and experts from Europe, who have very good experience and understanding of the problems and the ways to solve them.

“The situation with road safety in Ukraine is very complicated: thousands of people are killed on the roads, many of them are children. This is another war, only on the roads. It is important to stop it and work together to support my initiative to establish the National Agency and the National Program on Road Traffic Safety. In Europe, the work in this area has significantly reduced the rates of death and injury on the roads. Ukraine, unfortunately, now occupies the last positions in this statistics,” said Ihor Didenko.

National program for road safety doesn’t only provide for engagement of the authorities by creating the agency, but also supports and conducts preventive work at the level of regions and communities. It is also planned to engage public and media to this issue in order to inform citizens not about the accidents that have already happened, but about how to avoid them: by training children, parents, by assisting the voluntary movements, and so on. At present, for example, representatives of “Samopomich” in different regions as volunteers are actively implementing programs for road safety – particularly in Lviv, Vinnytsia, Zhytomyr and other cities. It is important to engage all the regions of Ukraine in such programs.

Ihor Didenko
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