“Samopomich” preparing amendments for the second reading of the law on local elections

Without any amendments, the version of the law on local elections (№2831-3) voted for in the first reading will be even worse than the now functioning electoral system. This was stated by Chairman of the “Samopomich” Union faction Oleh Bereziuk.

The faction believes that without modifications the adopted law will furtherly cement the political corruption and pave the way for revenge of Yanukovych regime.

“Our faction proposed to support another bill №2831-2, which would introduce a fundamentally new, more transparent electoral model. But because of the resistance of the system during the voting this bill got only 182 votes instead of the necessary 226. And we were forced to support the imperfect bill №2831-3, to get at least some chance for changes, not to keep in force the existing now law,” stated the deputy.

Oleh Bereziuk noted that in the process of preparation of the bill №2831-3 to the second reading, the “Samopomich” faction would insist on revisions which would introduce open lists with the possibility to choose not only the party but also the names of people whom the voters want to see in power, on reducing the number of deputies of local councils, on limiting political propaganda and setting up a clear formula according to which the votes shall be counted; since in the current version of the law there is no such formula.

“Without these changes, the adopted in the first reading version of the law makes it impossible to hold free elections, makes them even more corrupt and unpredictable. That gives even more opportunities for abuse of the oligarchs’ proteges and the representatives of the regime of Yanukovych,” says the deputy.

In addition, “Samopomich” will insist on banning the participation of political blocs in elections. According to the deputies, the system offers the possibility of manipulations and revenge for the wreckage of the Party of Regions which under the guise of little-known parties united in blocs will be “storming” the local councils.

We shall recall that “Samopomich” stated that they had voted for the draft law on local elections №2831-3 for the elections to be held under the new legislation. Initially, the faction called on colleagues to support the bill №2831-2, which would introduce open party lists in the cities, where there live more than 90 thousand residents, mayoral elections in two rounds in the cities with more than 90 thousand residents, a significant decrease in the number of deputies of local councils, restrictions of political propaganda on TV. However, this bill did not receive the support of the hall during the voting.

Oleh Berezyuk
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