There are intentions to move “Samopomich” from the elections in Transcarpathia

Today, the Transcarpathian Regional Administrative Court will consider the claim of three individuals, the candidates from “Ukrop”, “Our Land” and “Green Planet” parties, who demand to move the regional branch of “Samopomich” from the elections in Transcarpathia.

October 22, the first session of the court took place, into which no representatives of “Samopomich” were engaged as a third party. The court decided to hear the case, despite the fact that the grounds for the removal of “Samopomich” from the elections are absolutely far-fetched.

“Our competitors have come up with an absolutely senseless reason – allegedly the regional organization of “Samopomich” is illegitimate. Say nothing of the fact that the court had no right to take up the case, because according to the law, a party or a candidate could have been moved from the elections only until October 5. This is merely a political lynching by local mafia clans over one of the most popular parties in Transcarpathia,” said MP Oleh Lavryk, the chairman of the executive committee of the “Samopomich” Union.

“Samopomich” activists will picket the meeting of the Transcarpathian Regional Administrative Court which is to take place today at 11 am in Uzhhorod.

Oleh Lavryk
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