“Samopomich” managed to reduce tariffs for heat in Kharkiv by 25%

Kharkiv city authorities under pressure from the “Samopomich” Union faction in the City Council pledged to reduce the tariffs for heat for the city residents.

According to “Samopomich” deputy Olena Vorona, the tariffs were unreasonably increased by an average of 200-300 hryvnias per month.

“This is a very good sign for all of us, because for the first time in many years the city government under the pressure of the public, journalists, and “Samopomich” faction accepted concession. Of course, it makes no sense to state that the city authorities managed “to make” the “Kharkiv heating services” reduce the price of heating since the very utility company is a subject to this same city government and the mayor,” said the deputy.

“In any case, reduction of price is good. We will monitor the fulfillment of this promise. In addition, we warn the city government that we will continue to look into all other public services and encourage them to take the lead and manage to reduce other tariffs  from the subordinate utility companies to reasonable levels,” she added.

The “Samopomich Union” faction stated about unreasonably high tariffs for the supply of heat at the last session of the City Council, but at that time this statement was met with hostility by the city authorities. However, this issue has caused a public outcry in the media and among the inhabitants of the city, leaving the city authorities forced to make a recalculation.

We shall recall that “Samopomich Union” has consistently advocated the recalculation of tariffs for communal services on the national level so that they would correspond to the market price for gas.

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