Sadovyi receives 50.88% votes in Lviv – parallel vote tabulation data

“Samopomich” Union released data of the parallel vote tabulation in Lviv.

According to 93.16% of the processed protocols, Andriy Sadovyi wins the elections of the mayor of Lviv with the result of 50.88% of votes. The second place is occupied by a representative of “Svoboda” All-Ukrainion Union, Ruslan Koshulynskyi – 12.62%. The next are Volodymyr Hirniak (Civil Position) – 11.37%, Dmytro Dobrodomov (People’s Control) – 11%, Oksana Yurynets (Petro Poroshenko Bloc “Solidarity”) – 4.49%, Ihor Zinkevych (UKROP) – 3.44% Ihor Vasiunyk (self-nominee) – 3.27%.

The following parties get into the Lviv City Council:

“Samopomich” Union – 31.92%

Petro Poroshenko Bloc “Solidarity” – 12.59%

“Svoboda” All-Ukrainion Union – 9.96%

Civil Position – 9.35%

People’s Control – 7.59%

UKROP – 5.86%

Ukrainian Galician Party – 5.77%

Andrij Sadovyj
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