Prosecutor General’s sabotage lets Yanukovych’s associates escape punishment – Soboliev

The absence of punishment for criminals of Yanukovych’s regime indicates a paralysis of law enforcement agencies and the Prosecutor General’s Office in particular. This was stated by Chairman of the Anti-Corruption Committee, Yehor Soboliev, while commenting on the Verkhovna Rada’s consideration of the issue of consent to the arrest of MP Serhiy Kliuyev.

A former associate of Yanukovych has been on the wanted list for six months; however, the Prosecutor General’s Office managed to send a submission for his arrest to the parliament only today.

“None of the criminal proceedings on top corruption, none of the proceedings on Maidan murders – and there are more than a hundred cases – none has been investigated in the court. Starting with Andriy Kliuyev and ending with Kolobov and Stavnytskyi. These people continue to develop their business in Ukraine. Here in the parliament, the majority understands the situation,” said Yehor Soboliev.

“The parliament has an opportunity and a little time to assemble the most responsible MPs who will get rid of Viktor Shokin in a civilized way, since he is the personification of this sabotage, the personification of paralysis of all the investigations – both against corruption and against the people of Yanukovych that defended this corruption at the cost of people’s lives,” he stressed.

“Let’s do it in a civilized way, people have given us the authority of MPs for this purpose. Otherwise, it will be the power of the street protest that will have to change everything,” called on the MP.

Yehor Sobolev
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