Risks of fraud in the elections in Kryvyi Rih: special voting stations and fake observers

There are risks of violations of the voting process and of falsification of the results during the election of mayor of Kryvyi Rih which is to be held on 27 March. This is reported by the Civil Network OPORA referring to the candidate for the position of mayor of the city, MP from the “Samopomich” Union faction, Semen Semenchenko.

In particular, the deputy said that he was concerned with the voting on special ballot stations, where during the last mayoral elections the largest number of violations had been recorded.

“We will monitor how many people go to the hospitals now, because the last time the special ballot stations turned to be one of the threats and a source of dishonesty in the elections. We think there will be attempts to place a large number of people there – those who live here, but are not registered here – for them to vote,” said Semen Semenchenko.

It is also reported that during the last mayoral elections there was a vote rigging scheme when instead of the people who did not come to the polls, some straw persons put their signatures in the voters lists, thus stealing votes. In addition, Semen Semenchenko reminded that in the last election there had been the cases of occurrence of fake international observers.

“Unfortunately, during the last election there were many “guest performers” who introduced themselves as representatives of either the Polish Sejm or other institutions, and then it turned out that their positioning as European observers was just a fiction. They had no mandate,” said Semen Semenchenko.

“Samopomich Union” officially invites observers both from different cities of Ukraine and representatives of international missions to Kryvyi Rih in order to monitor the electoral process and compliance with the electoral law.


Semen Semenchenko
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