Ruslan Sydorovych on renewing the composition of the Central Election Commission

“How could this epic regarding the President’s fulfilling his constitutional duty on replacing the composition of the CEC has been lasting for two years?” “Samopomich” MP Ruslan Sydorovych commented on the President’s submission to the Parliament to renew the CEC composition. We shall remind you that new Central Election Commission’s composition has been one of the key requirements of “Samopomich” since the aggravation of the political crisis, because only a high-quality selective mechanism can eliminate the oligarchic influence on the authorities.

“Nothing in Ukrainian politics happens by accident: the President made a submission exactly when the parliamentary elections in seven single-mandate constituencies are in the process of active preparation. This is where the danger lies: first of all, there is a risk of not gaining the sufficient amount of 226 votes (allegedly, “it’s not right to change horses in the midstream”). Another weak point is that if a new CEC composition is approved, it will mean that completely new people will be thrown into an active phase of the electoral process; it is important for them to be able to organize themselves and not to succumb to any external influence,” said Ruslan Sydorovych.

Ruslan Sydorovych
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