Talks on assumed discrimination against sexual minorities are speculation – Sydorovych

To vote for the amendments to the Soviet Labour Code of 1970 is absurd and deceptive in regard to Ukrainian citizens and European partners.

This was stated by Ruslan Sydorovych, MP, member of the “Samopomich” faction.

“This Labour Code will cease to exist in a month, because last Thursday the Verkhovna Rada in the first reading voted for a new version of the Labour Code,” said the MP.

“The amendment which we tried to pass on Tuesday (November 10) will cease to exist in about a month. Why do so, why undermine the society once again? That is a question for the proponents of the amendments,” Sydorovych believes.

“This was either a publicity move or an attempt to mislead the society, our citizens and our European partners. It is necessary to adopt a new code which will comply with all European requirements. And “Samopomich” has joined the work on improving the law for it to face no problems during the voting in the second reading. It is important to involve the leaders of public opinion to discussion of this law between the first and second reading for the sake of consolidation of the society.

We will not respond to provocations; our task is to create high-quality laws which comply with European values, not to respond to dirty technologies,” summed up the MP.

Ruslan Sydorovych
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