The real state of fighters’ provision at the front does not meet the staffing norms – Semenchenko

“Samopomich” deputies checked the state of provision and arming of the battalions on the front line in Shyrokyne.
This was announced by Deputy Chairman of the Committee on Security and Defence Semen Semenchenko.

“Yehor Soboliev and I visited the locations of the “Donbas” battalion in the area of ​​Mariupol and Shyrokyne. We have drawn up reports on the state of affairs at the front line. In particular, on issuing the patterns of military operation participants, on providing arming and proper living conditions,” said Semenchenko.

He notes that now the MPs will require seeing the real indicators which will correspond to the staffing regulations and norms, for which the Verkhovna Rada has allocated funds.

“We will require all the documents on purchases, in case of overpricing – we will strive for dismissal from office and criminal cases opening,” said the deputy.

Yehor SobolevSemen Semenchenko
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