Parliament took the first step towards creation of Ukrainian analogue of the FBI

The Verkhovna Rada has laid the foundation for the creation of the Ukrainian State Bureau of Investigation which is the department with the similar functions as those of the FBI.

In the first reading 247 deputies voted for the bill №2114, the coauthors of which are “Samopomich” deputies Olena Sotnyk and Pavlo Kostenko.

In accordance with the provisions of the bill, the State Bureau of Investigation will investigate crimes connected with the activities of criminal organizations and terrorism, especially serious violent crimes, for which the Criminal Code prescribes a penalty of life imprisonment;

In addition, the State Bureau of Investigation will investigate corruption offenses committed by employees of the National Anti-Corruption Bureau and law enforcement agencies.

The authors of the bill suggest assigning a director of the State Bureau of Investigation on the results of an open contest for a period of not more than 5 years.

Olena SotnykPavlo Kostenko
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