Coalition Council addressed the CEC demanding to reprint falsified ballots – Bereziuk

Geography of gross violations of the electoral legislation indicates that the state authority has not been healed as yet, it is still weak.

This was reported by Oleh Bereziuk, the Chairman of the “Samopomich” Union” faction, following the meeting of the Coalition Council.

“In some cities of Ukraine, from Ternopol to Mariupol, electoral documents are being forged. So today on our initiative the Coalition Council met and decided to appeal to the CEC to ensure that ballots are reprinted in these cities,” he said.

The deputy notes that in Ternopil, for example, people are just carrying the ballots which were supposed to have been sealed by the local TEC.

“Therefore, we appeal to the CEC to instantly react to this, to make an appropriate decision. Furthermore, we address the Ministry of Internal Affairs to promptly and efficiently investigate these facts and to arrest the people who are involved in the forgery of election documents and uncontrolled printing of ballots,” he said.

He noted that the reaction of the law enforcement agencies should be a warning for those who in other towns and villages were going to rig the elections.

“Today this is regarded as breach of dignity of citizens, as humiliation of the weak as it is power vertical; today this is regarded as humiliation of the state structure which cannot protect its voters and give them the opportunity to choose representatives who should govern their villages and cities,” said the deputy.

Oleh Berezyuk
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