The future of the Cabinet should be discussed after the budget is passed – Bereziuk

The issue of the prospects of the Cabinet of Ministers should not be brought up for the discussion by the time the law on the budget for the next year is passed by the Parliament. This was stated by the Deputy Chairman of the “Samopomich” Union faction, Oleh Bereziuk.

“We need to make the Cabinet and the committees prepare the Tax Code and the budget, and only then we will be able to give a political assessment of the Prime Minister, the Government and decide upon their future,” said Bereziuk.

The “Samopomich” Union has repeatedly stressed the need for early introduction of the draft budget to the Parliament.

“Unless this is done first, any discussions of the Cabinet’s future will look like red herring, the common practice of the authorities to hide important things behind political hysterics. We must first analyze how the last year budget has been executed and on this basis create a new budget in order to show entrepreneurs how they will live in the next year. This is a pragmatic, political task,” said the MP.

Oleh Berezyuk
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