Pseudo-decentralization by the government destroys the real decentralization – Bereziuk

Communities should understand what powers they receive as a result of decentralization and efficiently make use of them. This was stated by the chairman of the “Samopomich” Union faction, Oleh Bereziuk, during a meeting with “Samopomich” deputies of regional and city councils of the Kyiv region.

“In the Kyiv region community unions were created, but from the experience of other regions we see that they do not know anything about their powers. We need a specific training program for community leaders; it is the responsibility of deputies to design it,” said the chairman of the faction.

“Not all community leaders are members of our party, but that should not matter. You must ensure that within communities there is an understanding of how to work in new conditions. It is important that real decentralization take place – this is a priority of “Samopomich”. Therefore, we are also working on training for all community leaders, regardless of party affiliation,” he stressed.

In addition, the meeting was devoted to management strategies at the local level. In particular, Bereziuk explained the principles of management of taxes, of filling local budgets, the specificity of housing and land relations based on the best practices of Lviv.

“Samopomich” Union faction believes decentralization is one of the major political priorities and argues that an effective reform requires not only devolution but also qualitative information process and training of communities to implement self-government.

Oleh Berezyuk
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