We suggest focusing on improving the welfare of people, Aliona Babak

People cannot afford to pay for utilities: 36% of the population are dependent upon the subsidies. Further increase puts more than 60% of the population below the poverty line – that is every second family. Such a dramatic increase in tariffs at a time when poverty has reached a critical level is economically unreasonable and unnecessary.

“Being a constructive opposition “Samopomich” offers an alternative way: to focus on improving the welfare of the people – for them to have enough money not only to pay the bills.

– To increase the living wage up to the actual level of about 3 thousand hryvnias.

– To amend the taxation system, encouraging business to keep earnings in Ukraine.

– To regulate the system of remuneration of labour of public employees (to eliminate the disparities – so that there will be no separate categories that receive benefits as opposed to doctors and teachers).

– To eliminate the essential disparity in the remuneration of labour as compared to the average salary; for example, when there are high salaries in the aviation industry, the financial and insurance sectors, and at the same time some super-low ones in the spheres of courier and postal services for example.

– To allocate public funds for improvement in employment.

– To eliminate abuses in the export and import of goods,” said MP from “Samopomich”, Aliona Babak, during the round table “Will Ukrainians survive another tariff increase?” organized by Gorshenin Institute.

Alona Babak
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