The relevant Committee of the Parliament endorsed a bill that will smoothen things down for condominiums – Babak

The relevant parliamentary Committee on Construction, Urban Development and Housing unanimously endorsed a draft law on taxation of certain non-profit organizations (# 3233).

This was reported by the Deputy Chairman of the Committee, “Samopomich” MP, Aliona Babak.

“The bill provides for the elimination of a legal conflict which did not allow registering as the non-profit ones the associations of apartment buildings’ owners, the associations of residential houses’ owners and various types of cooperatives: industrial, consumer, housing,” she said.

Also, the MP notes, the contradictions between the laws “On cooperation”, “On consumer cooperation”, “On associations of co-owners of apartment buildings” and the Tax Code of Ukraine will be eliminated, namely the one on the transfer or distribution of the property of a nonprofit organization in the event of termination of its activities.

Alona Babak
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