Draft amendments to the Constitution is a threat of creeping centralization of power – Bereziuk

“Samopomich” asks the media and the public to monitor the process of amending the Constitution. This was announced by Chairman of the “Samopomich” Union faction Oleh Bereziuk.

“This week, the Vice-Speaker of the Parliament emphasized the threats of the amendments to the Constitution prepared by an unknown “secretariat”. We ask everybody to read them,” said the MP.

The MP said that instead of decentralization some of the suggestions actually were the threat of the centralization.

“And this project is now being presented in the Venice Commission – though these changes instead of the promised decentralization, on the contrary, threaten with the undisguised creeping centralization,” he says.

Also, the MP noted that such provisions could have been included to the draft in order to prevent the adoption of any amendments, even those necessary.

“Yesterday we saw the half-measures in the reform of the electoral system. There was a threat that no law on local elections would gain enough votes. It is possible that the changes to the Constitution will face the same problem,” suggests the MP.

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