In Ukraine the President is above the law; law “On provisional investigatory commissions” should fix this

“In Ukraine the President is above the law. At present, there isn’t a single procedure, a single mechanism to investigate his abuses,” said Yehor Soboliev.

Journalists have released new information about involvement of the President’s cronies with to an offshore company Intraco. “Back last year, the Committee on Combating Corruption appealed to the prosecutor’s office to investigate the activities of this company which was very suspicious. In particular through this company the President’s flights were paid for, as well as personal services of the President’s friends,” said Yehor Soboliev during a coordination board meeting.

The Parliament must do what the prosecutor’s office never dared to do. And this must be done urgently.

“The sooner the Parliament passes the law “On provisional investigatory commissions”, and the sooner we create a commission to investigate the offshore scandals, to investigate the allegations that the President is conducting business, which is prohibited by the Constitution, the faster we will be on the path of creating a country in which people are above all. “Samopomich”, therefore, insists on adoption of the law “On provisional investigatory commissions” for the President, MPs and other officials to be under the law, not above it.

Yehor Sobolev
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