Position of the Political Council of the “Samopomich” Union on the situation with the oath taking by Dnipropetrovsk mayor

The “Samopomich” Union faction in the Dnipropetrovsk city council stated its warning regarding the legality of the oath taking by the new mayor of Dnipropetrovsk, Borys Filatov, because in accordance with Art. 89 of the law “On Local Elections”, this is possible only after the official termination of powers as a people’s deputy.

At the yesterday’s meeting of the Verkhovna Rada the resolution on termination of his parliamentary mandate did not receive the required number of votes, although the “Samopomich” faction voted “for” en banc. Thus, Mr. Filatov had no legal rights to start performing the duties of mayor.

“Our Dnipropetrovsk branch decided to abide by the law in this situation, noting that there are no legal grounds to hold such a meeting,” said the Deputy Chairman of the “Samopomich” Union faction, Oleh Lavryk.

The Political Council of the “Samopomich” Union states that the faction was guided exclusively by legal procedure, and this position does not determine its attitude to Borys Filatov himself, who was elected by the community of the city. “Samopomich” had publicly endorsed the candidacy of Borys Filatov in the mayoral election, so there is no motivation for it to be in opposition to the new mayor now.

However, to support the new mayor also means to be responsible for his actions, including the legality of all the procedures.

“Political position of “Samopomich” is partnership with the mayor of Dnipropetrovsk for the sake of development of the community. “Samopomich” urges not to translate the present situation into confrontation between political forces,” stressed Lavryk.

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