The need for companies to publish reports in the print media may be canceled

Companies may be allowed not to publish the reports and protocol resolutions in special publications.

The corresponding bill №2407 on improvement of the business environment and facilitating access to information was registered in the Verkhovna Rada.

Co-authors of the initiative are Deputy Chairman of the “Samopomich” Union faction Oleh Lavryk and faction’s deputy Oleksandr Opanasenko.

“So far, in Ukraine, joint-stock companies, issuers of securities, professional participants of the financial and stock markets are obliged to constantly publish a lot of information concerning their activities in paper editions. Complications arise because of the fact that some operations cannot be performed without the presence of publications in the official gazette or the media,” said Opanasenko.

Therefore, business owners have a number of problems, such as great time and financial spending on the publication, and the disadvantages of their search.

To solve such problems, MPs offer to remove from the list of powers of state bodies and institutions the right to demand companies to have information printed.

“After all, it can be done at the accredited by the relevant institutions web-sites. Furthermore, it is necessary to prohibit to take charge for such services. Thus we will bring the manner of publication of enterprises’ information on their activities into line with the current international standards,” explained the deputy.

Oleksandr Opanasenko noted that the bill would provide easier access to information, reduce the financial burden on business, and remove the corruption risks.

Oleh LavrykOleksandr Opanasenko
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