Russia’s violations of the Minsk Agreements get us closer to obtaining weapons – Markevych

One can say that the Minsk Agreements do not work, however, the front line has stabilized and the tension has significantly decreased. This was stated by deputy of the “Samopomich” Union faction, representative of the “Donbas” battalion Yaroslav Markevych.

In his opinion, the current tension relief allows the Ukrainian side to prepare for possible new attacks from the Russian Federation.

“It is obvious that new attacks are being planned. And under threat, in addition to the cities of the ATO area, may also be Kharkiv and Odesa,” said the MP.

Yaroslav Markevych notes that it is important to make the most of this time to strengthen the defence capabilities and continue diplomatic efforts.

“In addition to the actual war, there is diplomatic and economic war as well. In terms of diplomacy we have to understand that the main issue is observance of the arrangements. And each Russia’s violation of the Minsk Agreements, as a result, leads to increased sanctions and gets us closer to getting lethal defensive weapons from the West,” says the MP.

Ярослав Маркевич
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