Despite the explosion, the Odesa office of “Samopomich” will continue to operate

On the night of March 12 in Odesa an unknown person blew up the office of “Samopomich”. The explosion destroyed the premises of the recently opened counselling office of the “Samopomich” Union. There are no casualties.

“In the morning, two other Odesa offices of “Samopomich” were taken under police guard. The police have a video from surveillance cameras, which recorded the moment the attacker was laying the explosive, and the very explosion itself. Hopefully this will contribute to a prompt investigation,” – said the leader of the “Samopomich” Union Andriy Sadovyi.

He adds that the office of “Samopomich” on Admiralskyi Avenue has opened recently. It started its work with legal counselling, self-defence courses, energy efficiency project and free English courses for the citizens of Odesa.

An activist of the initiative group in Odesa Anna Filimonova reported that, despite the explosion, the office would continue its work. So far, there only won’t be legal counselling: “The office is practically destroyed. But we’re not moving anywhere, the office will continue to operate as usual. For some time there will be no legal counselling, but the lawyer of the initiative group is in touch with everyone who made an appointment. “

She also notes that the activists really don’t know who did it, “We do not suspect or accuse anybody. We are not the police and we do not have any versions”.

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