Politicians should advertise themselves by the adopted or blocked decisions, rather than promotional videos and billboards – Soboliev

“Samopomich” proposes to ban political advertising. This was announced by Deputy Chairman of the faction Yehor Soboliev on his Facebook page.

“Politicians should advertise themselves by adopted or blocked decisions. Once they can’t buy billboards and promotional videos, there will remain the only chance to become known to voters – to address important social issues with them,” he said.

Soboliev stresses that the candidates should get acquainted with their voters at rallies, in courts, during public hearings and discussions, otherwise say goodbye to the chance to be elected.

“The ban on advertising will make it impossible to create political projects a couple of months before elections. The work on the long-term reputation will be the only possible strategy for any party,” explains the MP.

At the same time, he admits that skilled “electorate” manipulators will try to bribe television channels even more – to be on the news and talk shows.

“However, far from all of the leading journalists and presenters can be bribed. And those corrupt TV channels are more likely to lose viewers, hence the sense of such bribing. In September we will start to fight for the adoption of this bill. We anticipate a lot of resistance,” says the MP.

We shall recall, when adopting a new law on local elections, “Samopomich” insisted on limiting political propaganda. The compromise of the Coalition Council was the decision to determine by a separate law the procedure for advertising of politicians at election time.

Yehor Sobolev
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