Police are investigating the unlawful entry into Oleh Lavryk’s dwelling

January 26, unknown broke into a flat of deputy chairman of the “Samopomich” Union faction, Oleh Lavryk.

When the deputy came home, he found the door opened and a broken picklock left in the lock.

Since nothing costly, except for one thousand hryvnias left in a prominent place, disappeared – no documents, no modern appliances – it seems that it was the broken picklock that spoiled the plans of the thieves who had to fake a robbery hastily.

Oleh Lavryk immediately called the police and gave all the explanations, and also appealed to the Security Service of Ukraine in order to prevent the ill-wishers from committing discrediting actions against him and the “Samopomich” Union, because it is likely that this incident is connected with the MP’s political and professional activities.

A criminal proceeding into the illegal entry into the dwelling of the MP has been launched.

Oleh Lavryk
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