Parliament appeared weak by denying Kryvyi Rih citizens their right to will expression – Bereziuk

The Verkhovna Rada failed to pass the draft law on special mayoral elections in Kryvyi Rih (№3613), depriving the city residents of their right to transparent elections and to protection of election results. This was stated by Chairman of the “Samopomich” Union faction Oleh Bereziuk.

“This is not a political issue; this is an issue of will expression of everybody, regardless of which candidate they support. The issue could have been addressed in good faith, but the Parliament appeared weak by denying people their fundamental rights,” said the parliamentarian.

To pass the decision which was intended to create a legislative framework for the new mayoral election in Kryvyi Rih only 10 more votes were needed. This is in conditions when massive electoral rigging provoked outrage and mass protests of citizens who have been protesting for a month already.

“An extraordinary plenary session is going to take place on Thursday, December 17. Meanwhile, we invite everybody to the city’s meeting which will be held in Kryvyi Rih on Sunday, December 13, at 12.00,” informed the deputy.

Oleh Berezyuk
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