The main discussion in the Parliament is on the bills on special confiscation and asset recovery agency – Vice-Speaker

The main debates in the Parliament today concern two bills relating to the special confiscation and the asset recovery agency.

This was reported by Vice-Speaker Oksana Syroid on Channel 24.

“Do we need the asset recovery agency? We definitely do. But the most important is the question of how much this agency will do for the fight against corruption. Won’t it lead corruption itself? That was the main issue which brought about discussions,” she said.

Syroid also reminded that the issue of budget had been raised in the Parliament back in September, when the budget had been expected to be discussed.

“By now the document with all the calculations should have been in the Parliament and MPs should have been able to study it. Unfortunately, the Government has chosen the wrong path willing to present us with the budget “under the Christmas tree,” for it to be hastily passed,” said the deputy.

According to her, this is done for the deputies not to be able to scrutinize the document and show people what the numbers stay for.

“Another obstacle is the question of how the tax system will look like the next year, whether the changes will be introduced “under the Christmas tree” and what kind of changes these will be. Because we have no common position on how the tax reform should look like before changes are introduced to the budget,” noted Syroid.

Oksana Syroid
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