Oleh Bereziuk appealed to the Parliament to adopt a new electoral law

Since the 2000s the oligarchy has captured Ukraine and has been using the public budget for its own purposes. And it will go on like this, because the oligarchic system will be reproduced each time through elections by buying votes and political brands.

Oleh Bereziuk asked the Parliament to adopt a new electoral law:

“Dear parliamentarians, these are you who are going to face the people during elections and listen to what they think of you; you will have to go through this, not those few who are funding this mess.

The Parliament has to pass a legislation that will eliminate once and for all the owners of the Parliament from the political system of Ukraine. This is the law on elections on a proportional basis with open lists. Then no deputy will be able to hide behind the oligarchic political brands, rather everybody will have to openly stand in front of free people.”

It is the mission of this Parliament – to adopt a new electoral law. This Parliament has promised this to people; because unless the Parliament does it, Ukraine will be sentenced to serve the oligarchs for decades.

Oleh Berezyuk
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