Oksana Syroid explained the nature of the political crisis in Ukraine

Vice-Speaker of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, Oksana Syroid, explained the origins of the political crisis and the mechanisms of overcoming it in her speech in the framework of the Week of Ukraine in the European Parliament.

“The nature of the political crisis in Ukraine is due to three things: firstly, the distorted balance of power, secondly, the failure of the Parliament to control the Government, and thirdly, the quality of the political system,” she said.

“In Ukraine there is a dualism in the executive branch, and that is what makes all governments doomed to failure. The state had 20 governments and none of them can be called successful. The nature of this “failure” is in the fact that part of the executive power belongs to the Government, and it is under the control of the Parliament, while another part belongs to the President – and it is not controlled by the Parliament. We need to solve this problem and eliminate the dualism in the executive branch, otherwise we are doomed to have unsuccessful governments forever,” said the Vice-Speaker.

“The second aspect of the political crisis is the Parliament’s ability to control the Government. The nature of the Government is to collect and spend people’s money. People elect the Parliament with the primary target of forming the Government and to control the way in which it spends people’s money. The Parliament removes itself from controlling the Government and runs away from the responsibility.

This problem can be easily solved: we need to find a team of officials who are willing to be accountable to the Parliament. And the Parliament must commit itself to supervising this team. This will give a chance to have the first successful Government in the history of Ukraine,” noted Oksana Syroid.

“Last but not the least. We must improve the quality of the Parliament. We need the Parliament to represent the will of people, not the will of financial groups. The oligarchic system is rooted not only in the economy but also in the political system. We have to change this and adopt a new election law, because the old one reproduces the corrupt political system. We must offer a proportional electoral system with open lists, which will ensure the creation of a responsible Parliament which will form a responsible Government,” summed up the Vice-Speaker.

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