“Samopomich” faction’s official stance towards government negotiations

Today, during a meeting of the heads of the former coalition’s factions a suggestion to form a government led by Volodymyr Hroisman was announced, while the current Prime Minister’s willingness to resign was stated.

“Samopomich” faction welcomes the fact that no one doubts the need to change the current composition of the Government. This awareness could have prevented the political crisis back on February 16 when the Government “failed to resign”. Today, any new Government is the chance to break the deadlock in the man-made political crisis and the chance for an evolutionary development of the political system.

It is a great pity that the “Samopomich” faction, remaining in opposition, was the only faction that was ready to support the technocratic Government headed by Natalia Yaresko. Another sad spectacle are the attempts of our colleagues in the Parliament to hide from the responsibility for their not supporting the idea of ​​an independent government consisting of “not subordinated to anybody” people.

In addition, unfortunately, the factions of the coalition-to-be do not understand that any Prime Minister is doomed to be unsuccessful under the constant threat of a new political crisis and early elections.

Not realizing this fact the parliamentary factions are not truly conscious of the need of a new law on parliamentary elections under the proportional system with open lists, of a new Central Election Commission, as well as of the idea of a non-political Prosecutor General. We regard the reluctance of the potential coalition to adopt a new law on elections on a proportional basis with open lists as a threat to Ukrainian reforms and statehood.

The “Samopomich” faction’s stance remains unchanged: we have gone into opposition because of the incompatibility of the systems of values ​​with the actual majority in the parliament. We are a statist pro-European opposition and we are ready to support those decisions of the Government which will be beneficial to the people and the state. We welcome the formation of a coalition around the candidacy of a new Prime Minister and we are ready to help the new coalition make that decision as long as there is a non-political Prosecutor General, a new composition of the CEC and a new electoral law under the proportional system with open lists.

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