“Samopomich” Union supports gender equality in the electoral legislation

Gender equality in elected bodies contributes to democratization and bringing Ukraine closer to the world standards of public administration. That was the topic of the discussion of the forum on “Mechanisms of gender equality in the electoral legislation”, which took place in the parliament with the support of the Canadian Embassy in Ukraine, the National Democratic Institute and USAID.

“Introduction of a gender quota into the electoral legislation of Ukraine was highly appreciated by both Ukrainian and international experts, because it showed that Ukraine was moving towards reforms and European values,” people’s deputy, member of the “Samopomich” Union faction and co-chairman of the interfactional association “Equal Opportunities”, Aliona Babak, said at the forum.

“Gender quota is a common European practice which allows achieving equal representation of both sexes in government. Women make up 54% of the Ukrainian population, and their representation in government should be appropriate,” said the deputy.

“Gender quota will help to form a new political culture in Ukraine and to overcome stereotypes about women’s participation in politics,” she said.

We shall recall that the “Samopomich” Union faction actively advocated the observance of gender quotas in the election campaign in 2015. Kyiv Administrative Court of Appeals satisfied the claim of “Samopomich” on recognizing illegal the decision of the CEC which graded the gender quota established by the law “On local elections” on July 14, 2015. Thus, the party helped secure at the legislative level the 30 per cent quota of women on electoral lists.

Alona Babak
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