The new leadership of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy revealed abuses in the sum of 9 billion hryvnias – Miroshnichenko

Widespread in some media information about the involvement of Ivan Miroshnichenko, “Samopomich” Union faction deputy, to the activity of PJSC “State Food and Grain Corporation of Ukraine” and about his business interests in the agricultural market is absolutely provocative and untrue.

This was mentioned by Ivan Miroshnichenko in his statement commenting on the appearance in the media of a number of materials of openly custom-made nature.

“A provocative media campaign against me, my colleagues from the faction, as well as the substitution of the facts in relation to other people who were mentioned in the custom-made publications, is an indication of resistance of the system to changes,” said the MP.

Miroshnichenko suggests that the ordered materials against him derive from  to the desire of the former leadership of the region and the previous management of “State Food and Grain Corporation of Ukraine” to maintain control over the corporation and other important state-owned enterprises.

“The reaction is predictable, but the level of cynicism is surprising. The names of such companies as Cargill, Noble Group are tarnished. These are the world-known companies, which are among the leaders in the industry and one of the greatest investors in Ukraine,” he emphasized.

According to the deputy, over the past few months, precisely under the current leadership of the agroindustrial complex, in this sphere were revealed abuses and thefts of public funds in the sum of more than 9 billion hryvnias, due to which more than a hundred criminal cases have been opened.

“The new leadership of PJSC “State Food and Grain Corporation of Ukraine” has revealed about 200 million dollars of the “withdrawn” funds and more than 130 million of non-return of foreign exchange earnings into the country,” stated the deputy.

Ivan Miroshnichenko also reported that members of the faction and the representatives of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy were ready to submit to journalists all the materials on the facts of abuse that had already been sent to the law enforcement agencies.

Ivan Miroshnichenko

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