Germany is ready to further promote reforming of security and defence system of Ukraine

If we don’t have what to protect our territory with, neither diplomacy, nor sanctions will be enough. This was stated by Vice-Speaker of the Verkhovna Rada Oksana Syroid while in Berlin.

During her visit to Berlin on February 26-27, Oksana Syroid met with Vice President of the German Bundestag EdelgardBulmahn and Manager of Land department of the CSU Gerda Hasselfeldt. The German side confirmed its readiness to continue playing an active role in countering Russian aggression and implementation of reformsin the spheres of security and defence of Ukraine.

According to the Vice-Speaker, the visits of German parliamentarians to Ukraine are planned, in particular, EdelgardBulmahn expressed great interest in the visit.

In addition, Syroid made a speech at the round tablewith the participation of politicians and experts from Germany and the EU under the subject “Weapons, sanctions or diplomacy? Ways to de-escalate the conflict in the East of Ukraine”.

“We can resort to both diplomacy and sanctions, but if we don’t have what to defend our territory and our people with, neither diplomacy, nor sanctions will be sufficient in this case,” – stated the Vice-Speaker during the speech.

Oksana Syroid
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