There’s no reason to make another President’s friend the Prosecutor General

“We in this Parliament have already dismissed two friends of the President from the position of Prosecutor General. There is no good reason to appoint a third President’s friend to this post.

The Prosecutor General should not be anyone’s friend – either of the President, the Parliament or any other politicians. He must be a friend of the laws of Ukraine.

Back last year we elaborated a bill that envisaged that a new Prosecutor General and all the following ones should be elected by open competition. An independent panel of experts and social activists would choose 3 strong candidates, and the President would receive the Parliament’s approval to appoint the best of them. Then neither the President nor the Parliament would make a mistake.

Now outside the Verkhovna Rada people are demanding an independent and powerful Prosecutor General, and they say that the anti-terrorist operation should be carried out already in Kyiv. Let’s help people find a civilized way out. Prosecutor General. Competition. Voting for the proposal of the President,” this is how Yehor Soboliev urged MPs to support the bill on appointment of the Prosecutor General through an open competition in the Verkhovna Rada this morning.

Yehor Sobolev
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