At one of the electoral districts in Kharkiv electoral law breakers put up a fight

While attempting to stop the violation of election legislation in Kharkiv, “Samopomich” candidate Olha Simson was attacked.

This was reported by a deputy of the “Samopomich” Union” faction, Yaroslav Markevych.

“The incident took place at the district located in the Kharkiv University of Food Technology and Trade. Young people dressed in “vests” with a word “volunteer” on them without any reasons were present at the PEC making believe they were helping the elderly pointing out how and where to vote, accompanying them to the voting booth and ballot boxes,” he said.

According to the MP, when the observers and the “Samopomich” candidate tried to intervene they were rudely resisted by those people.

“A man, who turned out to be a teacher of Physical Education at the university, let loose with his fists, strongly pushed the candidate, tried to take away her cell phone, threatened her and the observers to use force. The police were called in,” Markevych stated.


Ярослав Маркевич
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