In the Kyiv region modern trauma centres will be opened – Sysoyenko

It is planned to introduce a pilot project in the Kyiv region on reorganization of the aid provided to the victims with injuries within the framework of which roadside trauma centres will be opened.

The Ministry of Health held a meeting to discuss the issues of bringing orthopedic and trauma care for victims with injuries in line with the modern standards by creating roadside trauma hospitals in the Kyiv region. This is an important issue for the country, because injuries caused by accidents are one of the most frequent causes of deaths, disability and loss of ability to work of citizens all over Ukraine. Implementation of this project will help to solve the problem of saving lives of patients with multiple injuries as efficiently as possible.

The project was designed on the initiative of the Ministry of Health, the Department of Health of Kyiv Regional State Administration, Kyiv Regional Hospital, the chief freelance specialist of the Ministry of Health in Orthopedics and Traumatology, Deputy Director of the Institute of Traumatology and Orthopedics of the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine, Serhiy Strafun, and a people’s deputy, deputy chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Health, Iryna Sysoyenko.

Deputy chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Health Iryna Sysoyenko believes that the project will help solve the problem of providing skilled care to those injured in road accidents, and thus will save thousands of lives, “Ukrainian emergency service needs reforming, and in this sphere we can follow the example of Germany and Austria. In the Kyiv region there is no up-to-date emergency service so far. Therefore, it would be appropriate to organize such a service taking into account all the routes and roads of the area.”

According to Iryna Sysoyenko, it will be necessary to create three or four trauma centres in the region, provide them with modern cars, as well as to create a single coordination centre. This will let deliver those injured in car accidents from several major roads of the Kyiv region as quick as possible. In Bila Tserkva district this is Odesa – Kyiv route, in the Makarivskyi district – Zhytomyr highway, Boryspil – Kharkiv highway and Brovary – Chernihiv highway. The MP regards that creation of this emergency medical service and specialized institutions will be an important link in the system of operational activities for the preservation of lives of those who were in car accidents.

Every year in Ukraine about 2 million people get injured, among them – more than 90 000 in the Kyiv region. 9.1% of all deaths in the region are caused by injuries, poisoning and accidents. The Kyiv region can become a pilot project for the whole country in the struggle for the reduction of number of deaths caused by injuries. After all, the region is located around the capital – a modern metropolis. Every day tons of people travel to work or school by car or rail. All this entails the need to ensure well-functioning health care system in treating traumas which will be constructed by analogy with the European one.

Creation of trauma centres can help reduce the number of deaths by several times. These will be independent functional units of hospitals are able to provide professional assistance to victims. Surgeons, trauma surgeons, anesthesiologists, intensivists, and other narrow specialists will work there.

Much attention will be paid to the training of relevant specialists, especially of qualified trauma orthopedic surgeons. Another focus will be creation of modern reception offices equipped with the necessary diagnostic equipment and facilities, as well as organization of work of shock rooms and the like.

Similar trauma centres successfully operate in the United States, Great Britain, Germany, Switzerland, Austria. For example, in the US and Great Britain such medical facilities are established at the rate of one unit per 2 million people. In the framework of the project realization it is expected to take the American system as a prototype. Level 1 centre will be opened on the basis of the regional hospital; it will be the major one in the organization of trauma care in the Kyiv region. It can take up to 1,200 patients per year. Level 2 centres will provide round the clock assistance in the region or the city. There will be 6 of them and they will work on the basis of district hospitals. These centres will serve the highways of international significance and will assist the residents of the area. Level 3 centres (it is planned to open 4-5 of them) will have surgeons and traumatologists to help the patients from level 1, 2 centres. They will also carry out preventive work. They will operate on the basis of trauma departments of district hospitals.

Iryna Sysoienko
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