Election commission of the 205th electoral district accepted 115 submissions for the committee members – “Samopomich”

After the scandal involving employees of the Chernihiv regional prosecutor’s office, the district electoral commission accepted submissions of candidates for the commission members.

This was reported by lawyers of the staff of the candidate from the “Samopomich” Union party, Volodymyr Zub.

“Yesterday, July 8, at midnight sharp, the submissions stopped being accepted. 115 submissions from candidates were accepted; among them – 6 from the factions registered in the Verkhovna Rada,” reports “Samopomich”.

We shall recall that at the 205th electoral district, where a by-election of deputies to the Verkhovna Rada is being held, the prosecutor’s office retrieved 85 deputies’ submissions from the election commissions. Among which – 84 from the self-nominated candidates, and one from the candidate of the “Samopomich” party – Volodymyr Zub. “Samopomich” deputies regard such actions to be an intentional use of state supervision of the prosecutor’s office for political purposes, which is a rehearsal for the preparation of rigging in the local elections to be held in the autumn.

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