Between populism and cynicism we must find the happy medium of pragmatism

“According to the official data published on the website of Naftogaz of Ukraine, the profit from the sale of the gas produced in Ukraine amounted to more than 8 billion hryvnias. Taking into account current three-fold tariff increase, Ukrhazvydobuvannia profit should respectively grow three times, that is to the amount of 30 billion the least. A question arises: against the background of no corresponding wage increase do Ukrainians have to pay such enormous sums to Ukrhazvydobuvannia?” asked MP from “Samopomich”, Aliona Babak. “We understand that it would be beneficial if in the long run a Ukrainian company had a profit it could invest elsewhere, but was it really necessary to do it this year at such a price?”

“Samopomich” believes that the situation can be changed: firstly, by adjusting the amount of such profits, and secondly, by changing the approaches to rent. These mechanisms can reduce the tariffs by 40%,” said Aliona Babak. “Between populism and cynicism we must find the happy medium of pragmatism.”

Alona Babak
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