City council of Kryvyi Rih proclaimed Vilkul the mayor; “Samopomich” is preparing a lawsuit

Today at 9 o’clock in Kryvyi Rih the city council opened its session and proclaimed the candidate from Opposition bloc, Yuriy Vilkul, the mayor. This is in the circumstances when the complaints on fraud in the elections filed by the “Samopomich” candidate, Yuriy Myloboh, are still being investigated and the recount is not completed.

The decision to hold the session was made late the night before, which is another violation. The deputies are to be informed about a session in 24 hours.

“Samopomich” deputies did not enter the session hall in order not to legitimize the session. When a mayor is elected legally, there is no need to call a session so hastily. They want to legitimize the election of Vilkul, despite the fact that the recount and court procedures are still going on,” said the deputy of the city council from the “Samopomich” Union, Natalia Shyshka.

Samopomich position was supported by Power of People and UKROP, which also refused to enter the session hall. Thus, the city council member from UKROP party, Mykola Kolesnikov, said, “We came here to coordinate our position with the democratic forces, the amount of which turned out to be not so great. The name is democratic, the filling – made of the Opposition bloc.”

The fact that a number of representatives of the “democratic forces” in the electoral commissions, district and city councils support the position of “Opposition bloc” has been previously reported by observers.

“The situation which has developed in Kryvyi Rih and the position of the “democratic” political forces is an important signal to the leaders of the parties of the whole-Ukrainian level. They should pay attention to their political forces. After all, the positions of local branches disagree with the positions of political forces of the nation-wide level,” said the deputy of the city council, Natalia Shyshka.

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