Manipulations with the appointment of Prosecutor General contribute to the complete failure of the prosecutor’s office’s reform, Oksana Syroid

“Yesterday the Parliament actually rejected the bill that could allow Mr. Lutsenko or any other candidate without law degree to become Prosecutor General. However, the website of the Verkhovna Rada mentions “did not get enough votes.” Therefore, there is a feeling that this bill will be seeking votes some other day,” warns Oksana Syroid.

The fact that the President does not dare to leave the country while the Parliament is considering the amendments to the law on the prosecutor’s office that could allow his close associate to become Prosecutor General – suggests that the Parliament is dependent. And the President’s presence is supposed to “encourage” parliamentarians to make the right decision.

Oksana Syroid recalls that the reform of the prosecutor’s office collapsed being destroyed by the former Prosecutor General, Mr. Shokin, himself and the current candidate for the post of Prosecutor General, Mr. Lutsenko, who lobbied the prosecutors’ selection procedures. As a result of these procedures, all the “new” prosecutors turned to be the tested old ones.

Vulgar manipulations with the law designed to “match the person” contribute to the complete failure of the reform of prosecutor’s office.

Oksana Syroid
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